Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering Julie Lynne Zipper

Today I am remembering
Julie Lynne Zipper,
for Project 2,996

All I know about her,
is that she was
product manager of SunGard Trading Systems/BRASS
and that she died in the World Trade Centre,
during the tragic events of 11 September 2001,
now 8 years ago.
She was only
44 years old.

To me and many of us,
Julie will remain just a name
on a medical examiner's list of people,
who died that day.
I was particularly struck
by the starkness
of that list,
the rows of names
and the lack of a picture
next to her name,
we know that she was a woman of flesh and blood,
who loved and was loved by many.
may we never forget that,
may we never forget
that the name Julie Lynne Zipper,
belonged to a real person
and that she left behind people that love her.

I found a few memorial pages for her
and saw beautiful tributes written for her
with some people
how her shoulders shook,
when she laughed.
People saying how pretty she was,
how friendly
and how real.
I saw the little footprints
of a daughter
on those pages.
Julie was loved.

Julie Lynne Zipper
died that day,
but her soul lives on.

we remember

tribute page