Wednesday, February 17, 2010

more vintage love

I think I told you last week

of my thrifty love

and how happy it makes me,

the ache in my tummy

from expectation,

the palpatations

on finding something worthwhile,



I dragged the Yankee husband off to the thrifty store last Saturday


little did I know

that my lovely husband

who travels light through the world,

who has not much use for material objects

who is free like a bird,

until he met me,

I have to say!


is the King of thrifters!

who would have guessed that!

I have never seen him

in thrifty heaven before

and I never knew!


well, to make a long story short

I dragged him off to look at an old Singer sewing machine

seeing that he is quite the expert on sewing machines,

having worked at a parachute factory

years ago

don't you love it when a man has talents that you can use?


so, he was quite shocked when he saw the condition of the machine

she was rather dirty and all


he hooked her up to his power cord

plugged her into the wall


it didn't take him long before he had a sparkle in his eye,

a sly smile on his lips

and to whisper to me: "she purrrrrs like a kitten"


no matter how dirty she was

or the few spots of peeling paint on her poor little body

she is a gem

a gem I'm telling you


so look and behold her beauty

she reminds me of a banana split with ice cream

eaten at a roadhouse in the 1950's




don't you just love that little green sewing lady?
I do

we ordered a manual on line

and Flo

just needs to be cleaned and re oiled

and the Yankee husband is confident that she will work like a dream

yes, ladies did I tell you that her name is Flo

and that I love her already?

we think that she is from the 60's

an era that I love


I also found a few more lovely objects,

like vintage glasses

and linen, like always

the photo at the top is of a pillowcase

that I got for free,

because it was stained,

who cares??


and my thrifty King of a Yankee husband

found treasures of his own

but that will have to wait for another



I'm again linking to lovely Colorado lady's

ooh, I can't wait to see all the other finds


has become

quite thrifty yummie

in the island shack