Thursday, February 11, 2010

vintage love

I'm totally into this thing
this thing of visiting and buying stuff
from the thrifty store
so from now on
Thursdays will probably be in English
with a linky link thingy to Colorado lady's blog
I've always loved dumpster diving
and carrying off
other people's junk,
to my husband's dismay, heehee
I lived in England for 5 years
and am totally regretful
that I didn't do it more often there
my heart aches when thinking about all the thrifty finds
that I might have missed out on there
well, it is never to late
and I've learned that America is thrifty heaven!
we only have 2 thrift stores here on the island
with lots of junk
but now and again
you can find a gem there
so with any further ado
my finds from the last weeks

one of my first finds, here
a little wooden box
with little areas for everything
and what not
I wasn't so sure about it
it reminded me of the dusty backrooms of old museums
with cobwebs and spiders
but I took it home anyway
and painted it cream,
filled it with some of my finds from the natural world,
hung it on the wall
and am loving it!
yesterday, I found this!
an embroidered clock!
it was dusty and dull
but I've learned not to take anything
at the thrifty store at face value
I brought it home
cleaned it up
and it looks absolutely lovely on our kitchen wall
I love handmade, crafty things
so much work went into this
I think it is an absolute gem


and it is in one of my all time favourite colours

olive green

so very vintagy!

check out the detail


embroidered love!
now all I need is to get a batery for it
and check if it still works
but I don't care about that
I love the look of it
ahhh, I love this
I will have to try and share every Thursday
thanks Colorado lady
lots of other lovely links on her blog!